SDoC implementation rule update- CNCA Announcement No 26. 2019

Announcement of the CNCA on further improving the self-declaration evaluation method of compulsory product certification and clarifying relevant implementation requirements

1. Improve the implementation rules

Revised and issued the Self-Declaration Implementation rule, adding the voluntary product certification mode and ODM.

2. Simplify the conversion requirements

(1) The SDoC system ( will automatically provide the corresponding product model specifications, type test report and other technical data, the applicant just needs to confirm the technical data, signs the CCC self-declaration, and uploads the system to complete the conversion.

(2) The enterprise may be exempted from submitting technical information such as the factory quality assurance capability inspection report on the system during submitting, but they need to comply with the relevant requirements of the Self-Declaration Implementation rules, and shall complete and improve the technical information during next change.

3.Clarify implementation requirements

In order to facilitate international trade, for products that meet the following conditions at the same time, the client may apply for a CCC certificate that applies only to the batch of products with the cancelled CCC certificate.

(1). Shipped before November 1, 2020, and the CCC certificate is valid at the time of shipment;

(2). Imported after November 1, 2020, and the CCC certificate was cancelled at the time of import on November 1, 2020 because of the self-declaration conversion period.

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