WLAN product SRRC test requriement 


Test items:

Effective Isotropic Radiated Power,

Maximum power spectral density,

Frequency tolerance,

Frequency range,

Occupied bandwidth,

Spurious emission;

If the equipment supports 5250-5350mhz frequency band emission, DFS items shall be tested.


Frequency and test reference mode  channel bandwidth rate  antenna No.
  802.11b 2412MHz 20MHz 1Mbps/11Mbps N
  802.11b 2472MHz 20MHz 1Mbps/11Mbps N
2400-2483.5MHz  802.11g 2412MHz 20MHz 6Mbps/54Mbps N
信部无2002【353】号 802.11g 2472MHz 20MHz 6Mbps/54Mbps N
ETSI 300 328 802.11n 2412MHz 20MHz (65*N)Mbps N
  802.11n 2472MHz 20MHz (65*N)Mbps N
  802.11n HT40 2422MHz 40MHz (135*N)Mbps N
  802.11n HT40 2462MHz 40MHz (135*N)Mbps N
  802.11a 5180MHz 20MHz 6Mbps N
5150-5250MHz 802.11n 5180MHz 20MHz (6.5*N)Mbps N
工信部无函【2012】620号 802.11n HT40 5190MHz 40MHz (13.5*N)Mbps N
ETSI 301 893 802.11ac 5210MHz 80MHz (29.3*N)Mbps N
  802.11ac 视发射情况而定 80+80MHz (58.5*N)Mbps N
  802.11ac 5250MHz 160MHz (58.5*N)Mbps N
5250-5350MHz 802.11a 5320MHz 20MHz 6Mbps N
工信部无函【2012】620号 802.11n 5320MHz 20MHz (6.5*N)Mbps N
ETSI 301 893 802.11n HT40 5310MHz 40MHz (13.5*N)Mbps N
  802.11ac 5290MHz 80MHz (29.3*N)Mbps N
  802.11a 5745MHz 20MHz 6Mbps N
  802.11a 5825MHz 20MHz 6Mbps N
5725-5850MHz 802.11n 5745MHz 20MHz (6.5*N)Mbps N
信部无2002【277】号 802.11n 5825MHz 20MHz (6.5*N)Mbps N
ETSI 302 502 802.11n HT40 5755MHz 40MHz (13.5*N)Mbps N
  802.11n HT40 5815MHz 40MHz (13.5*N)Mbps N
  802.11ac 5775MHz 80MHz (29.3*N)Mbps N
Carrier wave is tested beside the channels above
Created on:2008-02-08 17:17