NAL equipment list (updated in 2023 Jan)


Equipment category equipment name:

Telecommunication terminal equipment :

1. Fixed telephone terminal;
2. Cordless telephone terminal;
3. Group telephone;
4. Fax machine;
5. Modem (including card);

6. PBX;
7. Mobile user terminal;
8. Wireless pager;
9. ISDN terminal;
10. Data terminal (including card);
11. Multimedia terminal;
12. Other telecommunication terminal equipment

Radio communication equipment : 

1. Wireless base station (including fixed, mobile, paging and repeater);
2. Microwave communication equipment;
3. Satellite earth station;

Interconnection equipment: 
1. Optical transmission equipment; 
2. Digital program control switching system (including fixed and mobile system);
3. No.7 signaling equipment;
4. Intelligent network equipment;
5. Synchronization equipment;
6. Access network equipment;
7. Frame relay switch;
8. ATM switch;
9. Integrated service switch;
10. Routing equipment;
11. IP network about gatekeeper;
12. Data communication equipment (including multiplexing equipment, access server and cross connection equipment);
13. Call center equipment

Satellite internet equipment  (after March 1st 2023)

Functional virtualization devices (after March 1st 2023)




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