China SRRC News: 76-79 GHz band is planned to be used for automotive radar in China

The 76-79GHz band is planned to be used for automotive radar in China.
The 24.25-26.65 GHz band on-board radar equipment and 76-77 GHz band vehicle ranging radar equipment that meets the original regulations can be used until scrapped.

The 76-79GHz band is planned to be used for automotive radar in China.

The main use scenarios include adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, blind spot detection, lane change assistance, parking assistance, rear vehicle warning, pedestrian detection, etc. Unless otherwise specified by the national radio administration, this frequency band cannot be used for other types of land-based radars, nor can it be used for radars loaded on aircraft (including UAVs, balloons, airships, etc.)


The installation and use of automotive radar in the 76-79GHz frequency band do not need to apply for a radio station license, but shall comply with the requirements of laws and regulations and national standards related to automotive performance, safe driving, product quality and other administrative departments such as national road traffic safety and market supervision and administration, and comply with the national provisions on electromagnetic environment radiation limits.


The automobile radar equipment produced or imported for sale and use in China shall meet the "radio frequency technical requirements for automobile radar", and apply SRRC for the model of radio transmitting equipment.


As of the date of implementation of these provisions, the national radio administration will no longer accept and approve the application for SRRC approval of on-board radar radio transmitting equipment in 24.25-26.65GHz band. The 24.25-26.65 GHz band on-board radar equipment that meets the original regulations and has been put into use, as well as the 76-77 GHz band vehicle ranging radar equipment that has been put into use before the implementation of Announcement No. 52 of our ministry in 2019 (November 19, 2019), can be used until scrapped.


These provisions will come into force as of March 1st,  2022


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