What is SRRC?

SRRC is the wireless certificate in China issued by State Radio Regulatory Commission. 

SRRC will issue type approval certificate after the product passes test and will assign a CMIIT number for the model. 

General information of SRRC certificate:

         ·Mandatory certificate for wireless products sold in China

         ·Test must be conducted in China accredited labs

         ·Certificate valid for 5 years (can be extended)

         ·No factory inspection

         ·No local representative needed


What products need SRRC certificate?

SRRC is mandatory certificate for wireless products sold and used in China.

Equipment and appliances that have radio transmitting functions like WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM, WCDMA, LTE, Radar and broadcasting, etc. must apply for SRRC type approval.


Short-range micro power devices are now exempted from SRRC. Wireless products like remote controller, vehicle meter radar etc. no longer need SRRC certificate. Please refer to the remit list for detailed product information.


Module approval is applicable for SRRC. End product using the approved module can exempt some testing if the module is independent. Refer to Module SRRC Approval for more information. If you want to identify whether module approval is acceptable for your end product SRRC, please contact us. 


How to apply for SRRC certificate?

General process of SRRC certificate:


Generally, SRRC is type approval means each model needs to apply for SRRC certificate. However, for certain products, if multiple models are using the same RF module, serial certification is applicable.  Refer to the applicable product list here. The list is changing so if you want double check your product, please contact us

SRRC requires local test in China accredited labs. Manufacturers need to send samples to China to test. We can help for sample customs clearance if needed. Sample requirement can be found here. If the end product is too big to send or is not able to set test parameters, you can send modules with test board. We can help you to set up testing on-site to support the test. Please contact us to verify the sample.

SRRC has some special test set up for different types of RF functions like WLAN, Bluetooth, WCDMA, etc. You can find general requirements here.


What can we help for SRRC certificate?

China Compliance Co., Ltd can help you with SRRC certificate to make it easy for you.

    ·Prepare documents 

    ·Translate English into Chinese for free

    ·Verify frequencies to be used in China

    ·Verify test commands 

    ·Set up test 

    ·On-site support during test

    ·Pre-test (if required)

    ·Customs clearance for test samples

    ·Follow up services like certificate extension 

    ·Keep connection with SRRC for market survey

If you have any questions, please contact us. 







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