What is NAL?

NAL (short for Network Access License) is the Telecom certificate in China issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

Products connect to public telecom network should get NAL before sold or imported to China.

General information of NAL certification: China telecom equipment certification 

         ·Mandatory certificate for telecom products sold in China

         ·Test must be conducted in China accredited labs

         ·Certificate valid for 3 years 

         ·No factory inspection

         ·Local representative needed


What products need NAL certificate?

NAL is mandatory certificate for Telecom products sold and used in China.

NAL applies to equipment and appliances that have access to Public Telecom Network like telecom terminals, wireless communication equipment and interconnection equipment between networks.  

Please click here to check the NAL product category. 


How to apply for NAL certificate?

General process of NAL certification:


If the product falls into SRRC category, SRRC certificate should be provided before issuing NAL certificate. 

NAL requires local test in China accredited labs. Manufacturers need to send samples to China to test. We can help for sample customs clearance if needed. 


What can we help for NAL certification?

China Compliance Co., Ltd can help you with NAL certification to make it easy for you.

    ·Prepare documents 

    ·Translate English into Chinese for free

    ·Verify product category 

    ·Verify test commands 

    ·Set up test 

    ·On-site support during test

    ·Pre-test (if required)

    ·Customs clearance for test samples

    ·Keep connection with MIIT for market survey

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